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What is management?

Management is an exciting and challenging ground which needs established and innovative activity to improve the strength, output and profitability of the organisation.

Why Study MBA?

Wherever there is a need for people to work together to accomplish anything there is a need for management and leadership. MBA programmes are designed to develop an Individual’s management knowledge, skills and analytical abilities and stimulate his decision – making abilities, problem solving and leadership qualities.

Why is MBA popular?

It is all about money and also an identity to a good career which is highly challenging and extremely rewarding.

Path Finder:

Around 1000 institutes at present are offering MBA or post-graduate programmes in management in India Business school environment and placement availability are two factors which are to be taken into consideration before joining.

Some management institutes are conducting their own entrances, reputed among them are FMS, IIFT, IRMA, Symbiosis, NMIMS and State Level (OJEE).

How to prepare for MBA entrance ?

CAT and other test your skills in the following area;

  • Verbal ability and reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Quantitative Skills
  • Data Interpretation
  • Analytical Logical reasoning

And some test includes General Awareness.

Number of question and time allotted are varying from exam to exam. Generally maximum of 200 objective type questions with answer choices are to be solved in 120 minutes. It means on an average solving a question in 36 second.

Hence a minimum of 9 months of regular preparation is essential.

Is Classroom Coaching Essential?

Yes, today, more and more graduates from the science & engineering streams are making their way into the MBA. They are now sure of receiving top quality preparatory assistance to score maximum to join premier management school.

For the best results one must join coaching or training institute for MBA entrance. Among the available institutes for this purpose, The N0.1 Branded institute PLANET VIDYA , is one of them and distinct.

Something About:


It has made record breaking results in various competitive exam.  including MBA. Its is the No. 1 Branded Institute due to its mega results and a committed team of highly qualified and experienced faculties, researchers and support staffs. It has proved the slogan ‘Winners do not do different things, they do things differently.’

It adopts students participative Management and welcomes reforms without any interference from the top. It adopts instantly the up-to-date trend of pattern and techniques.

About THE PLANET VIDYA‘S MBA Training Programme

The Planet Vidya strictly takes care on

  1. Conceptual clarity
  2. Accuracy
  3. Speed
  4. VST

A panel of intellectuals to develop attitude for GD and Interview & Study atmosphere with a well – equipped library.

Its best result, best faculty, best course materials, unmatched personal attention and online VST practices are sufficient to make you top in MBA entrance.

PLANET VIDYA Success Story (M-POWER Group)

SEE GovtJobMadeEasy

 “The Secret of walking on water is knowing where the stones are

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